Alluvion Art

Sixteen years ago the Lord spoke to me saying, “Use the gifts I gave you” in response to my prayers asking for help to earn money to take my son and I on a mission trip to Africa.  I was obedient and sketched the orphans to earn the $6,000 necessary to go on the trip.  He provided and it was a life-changing mission for my son and I as well as the orphans.  After being a single mom for over 21 years and with little savings, I prayed for the finances to be able to retire in the coming years.  My thoughts kept drifting back to the mission trip to Africa and the words God spoke to me.  And so, Alluvion art was born.  I am using the gifts He gave me and I know He will take care of me.  God is good all the time!


Get To Know the Artist Behind Alluvion Art

I have always enjoyed art and photography.  I started drawing with a crayon as a small child and purchased my first camera on a field trip to New York as a middle school student.  It cost about $10.00 which took all of my savings but I was enamored by the world around me and needed to capture it.  When I attended college for my degree in Graphic Design, part of my studies included classes in painting, drawing, color and photography.

I continued my studies in photography at the New York Institute of Photography from 2011 to 2014.  Employed in the Oil and Gas Industry as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Videographer, my typical duties include headshots, office photographs, photos in the oil and gas field along with original art drawings.  Through the years I stepped away from photography as an art and did little painting as my art became just a way to earn a living.  I joined the Houston Photographic Society in early 2016 to get back to the awe of the world around me and to share that vision with others.  Along with that, my desire to create paintings and artwork has returned.  Alluvion Art is my journey back to the artistic person God made.