Kate’s Korner


Pink Hydrangea

Flowers make me happy with their sweet fragrance that fills the air, the softness of their pedals and array of beautiful colors but this painting is much more.  The white picket fence abstract symbolizes the stability of family.  The flowers symbolize children peaking at the future; another land on the other side of the fence.  What will they find?  Will they decide in the end that their side of the fence was where they truly belonged, or will they venture to far off lands that teach and mold them into the person they were meant to be?  Do they peer over the fence throughout their lives or find solace in the place where they land?


Waves of Love

As a teenager, I would drive to the beach and spend days and evenings just listening and watching the waves crash along the cliffs and rocks of the Connecticut shoreline.  The pattern of the waves lulled my uneasy heart and gave me rest.  Teenage life was not easy back in the day and today it is not any easier.  We all need our place that fills us with peace and love.  God hears us when we retreat and let his love wash over us.


Silent Forest

RWhen I was a little girl in Delaware, we lived next to an expansive forest.  It was mysterious with its dark shadows and beams of light that found their way through the leaves.  I was intrigued by the enormity of the forest and felt free and alive there.  I remember the lullaby of birds as they sang out their melody and the breeze as it sifted through my hair.  I can still hear the crackle of branches when I would veer off the path, the smell of pine and the texture of tree bark.  It was my secret place where God held me and now He lives in my heart.


Alluvion Art – New Paintings on Thanksgiving

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving sharing times with friends and family. At Alluvion Art, we created new paintings for you to decorate your home. Life is fluid as is my art. We go through life choosing our path and then jumping off one to follow another. Sometimes we find the right path and stay the course. I have found my path in art and want to share it with the world. I believe that is what God wants me to do. I hope you enjoy my new work.


Alluvion Art at Houston Sunday Streets

Tomorrow from 12 pm to 4 pm Alluvion Art will have a booth at the Houston Sunday Streets. Come out and visit the booth which will be located at 6006 Bellaire Blvd in Houston. You can also visit www.houstonspecialevents.org and look up Sunday Streets for more information. This will be fun for the entire family and you may even find some Christmas/Holiday presents. I will have original paintings and original necklaces made from my paintings. I look forward to seeing you!


New Paintings at Alluvion Art

I just painted two new paintings while watching the Astros/Dodgers game.  The first was a basically blue painting done with a palette knife and the other was a brush painting of a tree with birds and abstract leaves.  I am stretching my techniques.  Right now they are both drying so that I may apply a UV coating after completely dry.  Visit Alluvion Art often as new items will be added.


Alluvion Art Premiers with Art & Photography

Kate O'Connor
The action of the sea or a river in forming new land.

Art and photography are the center of Alluvion Art.  I am so pleased to finally begin another chapter in my artistic phase.  Right now I have bare bones for the website but will update with new art and photography daily.  Soon I will be showing at Art Markets/Walks in Houston as well as Galveston.  I will put notice on my blogs as soon as the dates are firm.  I hope you will come out to view my art and photography.  There will be items for every budget.  I am currently making necklaces from my paintings, post cards, greeting cards and painted boxes as well as large original paintings to hang as art on your walls.  I will also have framed photography for purchase as well.

Head over to the new gallery to view more work.